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It’s a New Year, a time for change – to do something you’ve been thinking about for a while. One of our goals in 2016 is to bring you more content on our blog, to keep you up to date with the world of hair that we live in and to share more in general. Have you set any goals? Are they related to image? Hair?

So at the back end of 2015 our paths crossed with Ally whilst she was out shooting images for her blog.  Instantly we loved her style and of course the hairdresser inside us immediately wanted to know what her hair goals were and how we could help her achieve them.

Ally is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, you-tuber, keen tweeter, instagramer, plus paramedic, photographer and all round beautiful person. You can check her BLOG out here by the way – Ally in Blunderland!!!

After chatting to Ally we were keen to do a little hair colour, cut and style collaboration to show you how you can also achieve a rather large hair transformation this year without compromising the condition of your hair.

This is Ally when we met her (before we got our hands on her hair!)

Topshop Over The Knee Boots Ally In Blunderland 4

Photo cred – Ally in Blunderland

So the first phase of any colour or cut journey is the consultation. This is where we discuss ideas, goals, limitations etc. It’s so important to be on the same page!

Ally and myself had spoke loads before so i had a pretty good ideas of what she was looking to achieve – (I don’t wanna give away too much as this is a few step process, but it’s a big change) – but we still had a good chat, checked out some ideas on pinterest to set some goals about how we were going to get there.

If you’re considering a big change of colour here’s a few things for you to consider also

  • What is your end goal?
  • Are you happy to live with an in-between colour if your end result is not achievable in 1 hit?
  • How is the condition of your hair – healthy hair tends to colour better and keep the colour longer.
  • Are you prepared to lose any of the length – or do you want to keep the hair at the length it is now
  • How much time have you got for your hair appointment – changing your colour takes time and we often can’t give you and exact amount of time to leave free especially if it’s a big job
  • How often are you prepared to come back in to maintain your colour? Certain colours need more work, fade quicker and show roots far worse – is the colour you want one of these?
  • What’s your budget for maintaining your new colour?
  • Have you got the right products and tools at home to maintain your new look?

Once we had our plan of action in place we began the process with Ally’s hair.

To start removing a build up of old colour we chose to do a full head of heavy highlighted foils. The reason we opted for this route is when hair is in foils it is well incubated (warm) and the result is much cleaner – if we’d just put a full head of lightener/bleach on her head we’d of seen a lot more unwanted tones/warmth that we’d have to work a lot harder to remove at the end. After processing the hair in foils we rinsed out and treated Ally’s locks with our Awapuhi Keratriplex treatment designed to rebuild and strengthen the hair before phase 2.

For phase 2 we got Ally’s hair dry to check the tone of the highlights and see if we needed a toner afterwards to blend the highlights throughout.

Toners are probably one of the biggest things we get asked about in the salon and actually something that people can feel quite nervous about. A toner isn’t being used on your hair because your colour has gone wrong!  Toners are commonly used in lightening services because lifting the hair up especially if it’s an artificial colour on the hair can leave you with unwanted tones – typically warmer tones or yellow ish tones and we need to use another colour process to remove these for you.

For Ally’s hair we opted for one of our shines xg – demi permanent hair colours – to blend and tone the colour throughout plus impart lots of gorgeous shine to the hair.

Once the colour had processed we again rinsed and treated the hair throughout and finished with a cut and style. Cutting the hair when it’s been coloured is so important as it’s experienced a chemical process and even the healthiest of hair should be at least trimmed to seal the ends of the hair.


Here’s Ally’s end colour result




Photo creds – Ally in Blunderland

Changing your colour is a huge deal and we don’t believe in starting the process without giving you all the details up front so you know everything you need to know. To take advantage of our complimentary consultation service book in on 01604233673 or online here – BOOK ONLINE.

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