Our hair menu/price list explained – pt 1

outcast hair

Firstly just to confuse you we like to call our price list our hair menu – reason being we have lots of services (like a menu in a restaurant) and also we like to be a little different! You can find a copy of our full price list here – http://www.outcast-hair.co.uk/prices/


Our hair menu offers 5 different price levels so let’s take a look at them first.


Graduate designer – these are typically our younger or newer team members. Chances are they will have been through our Outcast training programme and qualified up to an NVQ level 3 and our existing guests will have seen them grow into this level. Being newer to the salon floor or our team we recommend you allow extra time on your service with them and it’s quite common that one of our more senior team members will join in on the consultation. These designers are typically the lowest price however you can trust that they know what they are doing and are excellent value for money.


Designer – watch out – these designers mean business – young, passionate and talented. Typically they specialise in hair colour services so you’ll often meet them at our colour bar creating gorgeous colours for you all.


Artistic designer – ones to watch – these guys are specialists in colour and cutting, they are busy designers and have been around for a while with a strong guest base. Booking in advance is highly recommended!


Creative director – the title speaks for itself. our creative directors have many years of experience in the hair and beauty industry. They will be fashion focused and ready to advise you on the latest trends, how to wear it and what is best for your face shape and lifestyle.


Salon director – our salon director level is our top level in the salon. You can trust in and guarantee you are seeing someone with lots of experience, creativity and natural flair. booking in advance is 100% necessary as our directors are always in demand.


Now we’ve cleared that up lets look at our services and break these down for you


Re-design – this is a style change on your cut, we require you to let us know that you will be changing your style when booking so we may allocate additional time on your service. Our re-design price is a little higher than our standard appointment for cut and finish because we always need extra time for this service – please allow at least one hour when booking.


Cut with finish – this is the works – we include shiatsu head massage with our cleanse and condition , cut service , blow dry and style service.


Blow dry and style – wether you’ve a night out planned , a wedding , a party or you just don’t want to do your own hair this is the service for you. We do a full shiatsu head massage with our cleanse and condition and then a gorgeous blow out with dry styling ( straightening , curling etc)


A special treat for tired hair add this on to your service – it’s a conditioning treatment hand picked for your hair type and needs. When booking please let us know you’d like this service so we can add the additional time on.

We do offer a few different options within special treat which we will discuss with you in your consultation however here’s an idea before you visit us of what you can have.

  • SuperCharged moisturiser – quench your hairs thirst with this moisture packed treatment. Ideal for dry hair especially post holiday!
  • SuperStrong treatment – rebuild your hairs inner strength. This treatment will help to repair weak, fragile & chemically damaged hair.
  • TeaTree hair and scalp treatment – this invigorating treatment will leave your scalp tingling with amazing exfoliating and moisturising properties. If you suffer with a dry scalp this treatment is a must have.
  • MarulaOil intensive treatment – this treatment falls into our higher end catagory and with good reason. With MarulaSphere time release technology your hair will continue feeling the benefit of this treatment for weeks to come. 80% improved condition, 80% reduced split ends and 80% more shine – honestly we can not recommend it enough.


Luxury treat – this is our keratin based treatment – not to be confused with a keratin style blow dry – this treatment will rebuild, repair and protect your locks for between 4 – 6 weeks.

Now you know the first part of our hair menu it should be easier for you for all your booking needs.

You can book either via our phone service – 01604233673 or if it’s easier you can email us – info@outcast-hair.co.uk. Also why not use our book online service and we will contact you directly back to confirm – http://www.outcast-hair.co.uk/contact-us/.

Thanks for reading and we will be posting the rest of our hair menu break down very soon for you x

New Year – New Hair



It’s a New Year, a time for change – to do something you’ve been thinking about for a while. One of our goals in 2016 is to bring you more content on our blog, to keep you up to date with the world of hair that we live in and to share more in general. Have you set any goals? Are they related to image? Hair?

So at the back end of 2015 our paths crossed with Ally whilst she was out shooting images for her blog.  Instantly we loved her style and of course the hairdresser inside us immediately wanted to know what her hair goals were and how we could help her achieve them.

Ally is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, you-tuber, keen tweeter, instagramer, plus paramedic, photographer and all round beautiful person. You can check her BLOG out here by the way – Ally in Blunderland!!!

After chatting to Ally we were keen to do a little hair colour, cut and style collaboration to show you how you can also achieve a rather large hair transformation this year without compromising the condition of your hair.

This is Ally when we met her (before we got our hands on her hair!)

Topshop Over The Knee Boots Ally In Blunderland 4

Photo cred – Ally in Blunderland

So the first phase of any colour or cut journey is the consultation. This is where we discuss ideas, goals, limitations etc. It’s so important to be on the same page!

Ally and myself had spoke loads before so i had a pretty good ideas of what she was looking to achieve – (I don’t wanna give away too much as this is a few step process, but it’s a big change) – but we still had a good chat, checked out some ideas on pinterest to set some goals about how we were going to get there.

If you’re considering a big change of colour here’s a few things for you to consider also

  • What is your end goal?
  • Are you happy to live with an in-between colour if your end result is not achievable in 1 hit?
  • How is the condition of your hair – healthy hair tends to colour better and keep the colour longer.
  • Are you prepared to lose any of the length – or do you want to keep the hair at the length it is now
  • How much time have you got for your hair appointment – changing your colour takes time and we often can’t give you and exact amount of time to leave free especially if it’s a big job
  • How often are you prepared to come back in to maintain your colour? Certain colours need more work, fade quicker and show roots far worse – is the colour you want one of these?
  • What’s your budget for maintaining your new colour?
  • Have you got the right products and tools at home to maintain your new look?

Once we had our plan of action in place we began the process with Ally’s hair.

To start removing a build up of old colour we chose to do a full head of heavy highlighted foils. The reason we opted for this route is when hair is in foils it is well incubated (warm) and the result is much cleaner – if we’d just put a full head of lightener/bleach on her head we’d of seen a lot more unwanted tones/warmth that we’d have to work a lot harder to remove at the end. After processing the hair in foils we rinsed out and treated Ally’s locks with our Awapuhi Keratriplex treatment designed to rebuild and strengthen the hair before phase 2.

For phase 2 we got Ally’s hair dry to check the tone of the highlights and see if we needed a toner afterwards to blend the highlights throughout.

Toners are probably one of the biggest things we get asked about in the salon and actually something that people can feel quite nervous about. A toner isn’t being used on your hair because your colour has gone wrong!  Toners are commonly used in lightening services because lifting the hair up especially if it’s an artificial colour on the hair can leave you with unwanted tones – typically warmer tones or yellow ish tones and we need to use another colour process to remove these for you.

For Ally’s hair we opted for one of our shines xg – demi permanent hair colours – to blend and tone the colour throughout plus impart lots of gorgeous shine to the hair.

Once the colour had processed we again rinsed and treated the hair throughout and finished with a cut and style. Cutting the hair when it’s been coloured is so important as it’s experienced a chemical process and even the healthiest of hair should be at least trimmed to seal the ends of the hair.


Here’s Ally’s end colour result




Photo creds – Ally in Blunderland

Changing your colour is a huge deal and we don’t believe in starting the process without giving you all the details up front so you know everything you need to know. To take advantage of our complimentary consultation service book in on 01604233673 or online here – BOOK ONLINE.

x x x

Top tips for the Party Season


With Party Season just around the corner are you and your hair ready to cope?

We often find our salon guests, friends and family style their hair considerably more leading up to the festive season. Christmas parties, work lunches, partners parties, catching up with friends and family and then new years plans! Just to mention a few – these are all occasions where you may find yourself wanting to style your hair to go with your outfit, to make yourself feel great and to get the party spirit. But how will your hair cope with this extra styling? How will your colour stand up to the extra washing? The extra heat?

Here are a few top tips from us …..

  • Always use a heat protection spray when using any heated tool on your hair – try Hot Off the Press – available in salon.
  • Make sure your hair is totally dry before you apply straigtheners or tongs to it. If the hair is damp you will damage the hair and this will result in frizzy, unhealthy looking hair.
  • Try using dry shampoo to refresh your hair instead of washing it every day – your colour will last longer this way and it will help to plump up the volume in the hair – Paul Mitchell dry wash is our fav.
  • Excessive heat styling will cause colour fade so ensure you invest in a great colour safe shampoo and conditioner. Try our Ultimate Colour Repair from Paul Mitchell shown here by Leonie and guarantee your colour for up to 9 weeks.

cheap cocktail gowns NZ

  • Excess styling can reduce the moisture levels in your hair so invest in a shampoo and conditioner that will re-hydrate your hair. We have some great Christmas instant moisture packs available.
  • Once a week try and get a deep treatment on your hair. You would shampoo your hair, then towel dry it – apply something along the lines of supercharged designed to impart deep moisture in the hair – leave your treatment on for 5 minutes minimum then rinse and condition.
  • Save some money and time with our Neuro tools. We have an awesome 3 in 1 curl tool for ringlets, curls and waves plus its under the £100 mark. Plus plenty of other tools to make your hair party ready!
  • If you’re planning to wear your hair up remember to buy hair bands that are snag free and have no metal on them so as to not damage the hair.
  • Book yourself in for a top up on your colour and a haircut before the Party Season and one afterwards to have an in salon treatment to restore the hairs health.

Can you believe it’s nearly December already? If you haven’t booked in yet please call us or use our online booking form to schedule yourself in – we would hate to not see you for the festivities!

Energising Lemon Sage plus Relaxing Lavender Mint


So in our last blog post we spoke about the amazing properties of Tea Tree and I promised to talk a bit more in depth about our Lemon Sage and Lavender Mint which also fall in our Tea Tree family.

So let’s start with Lemon Sage.

Lemon Sage shampoo is a super energising body building shampoo that will help to cure the morning blues with citrus refreshment that goes straight to your head. Plus we’ve an amazing conditioner, body wash and thickening spray to match.

This is why we love Lemon Sage and know you will also

  • The smell is amazing – I think like a sherbet lemon!
  • It contains unique thickening agents to give your hair a boost.
  • Tea tree oil is still present so your scalp will love you!
  • It’s safe on colour treated hair.
  • The thickening spray is amazing and so easy to use with the nozzle attachment.

How to use it –

  • Apply a small amount (20p piece) of shampoo to your hands and rub together then apply throughout the hair. Shampoo well and rinse thoroughly.
  • When you condition make sure your conditioner lives on the mid to ends of your hair – this will stop it from weighing the hair down over time.
  • The Lemon Sage body wash is your perfect partner in the morning for an energising wake up in the shower. Use just a small amount as it lathers up really well.
  • To get best results with the thickening spray apply to damp towel dried hair and comb through to make sure the product is distributed evenly throughout. Then blow-dry as normal but remember we offer complimentary styling appointments and we would love to show you how you can achieve a big bouncy blow dry at home yourself.



Lavender Mint is the chill out of the family. When Nerves are frazzled and hair’s wound up, take comfort in the soothing fragrance of lavender, mint and tea tree oil.

This is why we love Lavender Mint and you should also –

  • It’s ideal for coarse, unruly and moisture starved hair.
  • It will help to improve strength and shine.
  • It’s safe for colour treated hair.
  • The smell is super relaxing – it’s ideal for using after a long day or a long week!

How to get the best from Lavender and Mint shampoo and conditioner!

  • Use sparingly – a 20p piece is more than enough.
  • This is ideal on colour treated, dry, coarse and heat challenged hair.
  • Make sure you concentrate the conditioner onto the mid and ends of your hair only and leave for 3- 5 minutes to get a deeper condition!



We are crazy about the Tea Tree family and really would love for you to experience our Tea Tree services in salon.

If you fancy trying out any of them in salon we have some Tea Tree experiences at our wash house which we think you’ll love!

Tea Tree Tingle – For a tingle you wont forget! Invigorating, cleansing and conditioning – ideal for troubled scalps.

Lavender Mint hydrate – Unwind and hydrate with this soothing treatment – ideal for coarse unruly and moisture starved hair.

Lemon Sage Energise – Energise your locks with a thickening citrus boost. Ideal for hair that needs a bit of body!

When booking quote OUTCASTBLOG and we will give you a complimentary Tea Tree experience of your choice when booked alongside another service in salon!!!

Invigorating mornings with Tea Tree


Ordinary Shampoos need not apply!

We love Tea Tree from Paul Mitchell and here’s why!

  • Tea Tree is a natural antiseptic which makes it an excellent choice for problem skin.
  • Tea Tree special shampoo washes impurities away leaving your hair clean, full of vitality and luster!
  • You will experience a TINGLE of invigorating tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender – be careful where you use this tea tree shampoo!
  • It’s safe to use on coloured hair!
  • Our Tea Tree hair and scalp treatment helps hair and scalp issues that need immediate intervention with a tingly dose of strengthening conditioners and skin refining agents.
  • Short of time? Our tea tree hair and body moisturiser will act as a leave in conditioner for hair + scalp and still give you a post shower tingle!
  • Tea Tree shaping cream is ideal for adding a strong but flexible texture to the hair when styling!

Tea Tree special shampoo and conditioner are our number one sellers during the winter months – we put it down to the TINGLE (he he).

Ask us for a Tea Tree experience on your next visit if you’d like to experience it.

To ensure you love Tea Tree as much as we do here’s some top tips on how to use it –

  • Apply Tea Tree shampoo to damp hair (use only a 20p piece worth and rub in between your hands first)
  • Lather the shampoo up in your hair – experience the TINGLE – and rinse thoroughly.
  • Apply Tea Tree shampoo only to hair (seriously we’re not joking – it’s very tingly)
  • Follow your shampoo with Tea Tree special conditioner – apply only a 20p piece worth to your mid and ends of hair, massage and leave in hair for a few minutes before rinsing completely.
  • To save time you can use our Tea Tree hair and body moisturiser as a leave in treatment – just shampoo, towel dry, apply and go!
  • If your scalp or hair is in need of intervention shampoo with Tea Tree special shampoo, rinse and then apply the Tea Tree hair and scalp treatment. Use a small amount throughout – massage and leave for 3 – 5 minutes and rinse well. Repeat weekly until improvement is clear.

Oh and I nearly forgot – exciting news! With every purchase of Tea Tree special shampoo and conditioner you will get a free lavender diffuser (whilst stocks last)!!!

After all that if you’re not sold on Tea Tree then we also have some other fragrances to add to the Tea Tree family. Lemon Sage and Lavender Mint.

Lemon Sage and Lavender Mint are seriously yummy (yes that’s right) products. Ok so they may not be edible but they smell good enough to eat! I really would love to share more about these products with you so our next post will cover everything you need to know about them but for now i’ll leave you with the pics x x x








KC Color Mask


I felt like this was the perfect time to talk about our KC Color Mask shampoo and treatments with everyone transitioning to a more autumn/winter feel to their hair colour.

As a hair colourist I can’t put enough emphasis on using the right product to maintain your hair colour during the time from when you leave the salon to when we see you next. Our salon owner Carlo always uses the phrase you wouldn’t wash a ferarri in fairy liquid. This always gets me – as guests to salons how much money and time do you invest in your hair to only then use a shampoo and conditioner that does not guarantee your hair colour.

I tend to notice that leading into Autumn and Winter people in general like to take their hair colour warmer, darker and often more vibrant. These colours are often the quickest to fade from the hair leaving you feeling ready for a colour before your next appointment is due.

Introducing KC Color Mask shampoo and conditioning treatment.

ColorMaskShampoo copy

Available for take home in salon you can now extend the life of your colour prices from £4.95.

Colour care shampoo

KC Color Mask Shampoo is a shampoo developed for coloured hair. Its gentle SLS and SLES free formula, conditioning ingredients and balanced pigment keep your hair radiant right up until the next colouring. Color Mask Shampoo also protects your hair from UV rays.

Hair color fading is mostly caused by the mechanical strain placed on the hair during washing. In addition, the ingredients which cleanse and condition the hair also remove color pigment from the hair. Color Mask Shampoo maintains your color and strengthens dyed hair, making it easier to treat. The color pigments in the shampoo replace and add pigments missing from the hair, keeping your hair radiant.

Color Mask Shampoo is suitable for dyed hair to maintain colour and for use with Color Mask intensive treatment which tones the hair and repairs damage to the hair structure. We recommend the use of Color Mask Shampoo if you are having problems maintaining color.

Colour refreshing and reconstructive treatment for coloured hair

miranda kerr red dress

Color Mask is a unique intensive treatment that maintains and deepens the present shade of colored hair. Pro-Vitamin B5 and keratin derivatives in the Color Mask reconstructive treatment repair damages in the structure of the hair effectively. The treatment also revives colour-treated hair and instantly brings back the glow and vitality of freshly coloured hair.

Color Mask treatments can be used for refreshing the shade of coloured hair in between salon visits, darkening hair or lightly toning, evening out and brightening lighter hair. Available in 14 delicious shades that can easily be mixed with each other to create a customised shade that complements the colour of the hair perfectly.

The intensity of the result is determined by:

  • or how long the product is left in the hair
  • the amount of product used
  • the porosity of the hair

Apply your favourite Color Mask shade evenly into washed and towel-dried hair. Comb through and leave in for 5–10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use Colour Mask reconstructive treatment weekly to maintain your hair colour or more often, when you would like to have a deeper result.

Useful Tips:

  • Light shades can be used to even out and brighten blonde hair and to remove brassy tones.
  • If you want to maintain the current multiple shades or highlights in your hair, choose the Color Mask shade according to the lightest shade in your hair.
  • The lighter your base is, the more intense the result will be.
  • We recommend using protective gloves, especially on vibrant or darker colours.

If you would like to know any more about this awesome product then ask us in salon.

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Outcast hair A to Z

outcast hair

We are very fortunate to love what we do and who we do it for. Hair is what we all live and breathe for but also it is very important to us that you experience a 5 star service with us. So we figured before we flood this blog with all things hair we thought we’d give you a fun A- Z of Outcast!

Outcast hair – A to Z!!!

A – always putting you and your hair first!!!

B – body brushes to give a relaxing shoulder massage.

C – cruelty free products from Paul Mitchell.

D – designer haircut.

E – Exceptional service.

F – fun loving , hard working team.

G – great conversation.

H – hand and arm massages.

I – Italian coffee – fresh daily.

J – jamming music streamed through our salon to you every day.

K – keratin based treatment – 80% less breakage, 67% reduced colour fade and 35% more shine!

L – late nights Tuesday Wednesday and Friday.

M – men’s grooming area.

N – newest techniques, haircuts and colours delivered.

O – occasion? Wedding , balls , parties we’ve got hair styles for them all.

P – personalised plans for every guest to help maintain your style at home.

Q – quinoa protection system to keep colour vibrant for up to 9 weeks.

R – recommend a friend to us and save £10 each on your appointment.

S – shiatsu head massage at our wash house.

T – take home area designed for you to recreate your style at home.

U– unique colour formulations.

V– visit our in house beautician upstairs.

W – warm welcome.

X – Xg next generation hair colour.

Y – Yes we really really really love what we do!

Z – zzz relax and enjoy the Outcast experience.

We hope you like this post – we had a lot of fun filling it in.

See you soon hopefully in our hair salon.


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Our newest designer Sophie

Have you met Sophie? Sophie is currently one of our designers working on the salon floor looking after and growing her column. Sophie specialises in colour but offers all services including cutting, styling, colour and blow dry/hair up.




Sophie’s been with us for quite some time now and many of you will have seen her grow up in the Outcast culture.


Sophie is now one of our newest designers working on her own column of salon guests and we couldn’t be more proud of how far she’s come and it appears Sophie is getting quite a following also.


I’ve been visiting Outcast for many years and recently was recommended to Sophie as my designer had left the team to pursue a different avenue. Firstly I was so impressed with Sophie’s eye for colour – I love to change my hair colour constantly and I had got stuck in a bit of a rut and Sophie really knew how to excite my hair colour again! Also thanks to her home hair care advice I’m now using the ‘ultimate colour repair shampoo and conditioner (Paul Mitchell) and my colour is staying much more vibrant for longer and the condition is amazing, thank you so much Sophie I love my hair and can’t wait to visit you again.


To celebrate the amazing feedback Sophie has received we are offering 25% discount on colour with every full cut and finish (valid from August 18th 2015– September 17th 2015 , – t’s and c’s apply – can not be used with any other promotion, valid Tuesday to Friday, only valid with Sophie )

Sombre – colour trend.




 Sombre is this going to be your new colour?


By now we expect you will have heard about Ombre colour – (where the hair is lighter at the ends than the roots). Ombre has been around for a while now and we have started to notice some movements within the hair fashions and feel a bit gutted that maybe it’s going to hair trend heaven and then we started to hear about Sombre hair so we thought we’d take a little look at this trend for you.


So as the name suggests it’s actually still ombré however much softer (more subtle)


With lots of celebs ditching their obvious ombré and opting for a grown out summer colour we can’t help but love this look! It’s a really small change that makes a huge difference. We kind of think of it as how your hair looked when you were a child and spent loads of time in the sun (before all the work responsibilities etc) and the ends were always slightly lighter in tone.


Celebs we think rock this look are Cara Delevinge and Rosie Huntington-Whitely and in fairness who wouldn’t want hair like theirs.


This really is an evolution of the ombré with much more blended colour , taking the colour higher up especially around the face and the lower lengths of hair having ribbons of colour running through them.


What’s your thoughts on this colour trend?! Love it or hate it let us know in the comments section.


Pre and during holiday hair.

So you’ve got a holiday booked (you lucky thing)!!!


You’ve got your passport ready , checked into your flight,  printed your boarding passes and packed your holiday wardrobe – sun tan lotion is purchased and you’re ready to go – but are you?!


Post holiday it’s not un common for us to spend months treating our guests hair , re colouring and trimming guests hair post holidays – but how can we prevent this?


As with most things in life preparation is key when it comes to maintaining healthy hair on holiday and here’s our top tips for you –


  1. Pre treat your hair – leading up to your holiday book in for an intense treatment in our salon – we ❤️ our Awapuhi wild ginger Keratriplex treatment (read more about this soon)
  2. Keep those split ends at bay – split ends are a natural part of hair growth unfortunately but if you notice you’ve more than normal or the ends feel particuly brittle book in for a trim.
  3. Eat healthy – your hair growth and condition is directly linked to what you put inside your body so if you’d like to keep the hair healthy and shiny then eat as healthy as possible.
  4. When it comes to hair colour prior to a holiday it’s important to remember that the sun will lighten hair – we recommend avoiding vibrant colours on holiday such as bright red or violet due to the fact they will fade much quicker in the sun. (If you can’t bear to not have vibrant hair try our KC color masks to impart tone and keep vibrancy – more on this very soon)
  5. You use sun tan lotion on your skin, the same is actually required for your hair – try Paul Mitchell sun for your uv protection, less damage and healthier holiday hair.
  6. Leave the straighteners at home – give your hair a break and let the sun , sea and sand work its magic and embrace your natural texture
  7. Get a big hat – this may sound like a total cope out however a hat will protect your hair and scalp from the sun rays and is a great fashion statement for those beach and bar days on holiday!



blog - sun


We hope this sets you up really well for your holiday and be sure to check out our post holiday blog post very soon to help you look after those sun drenched locks!

x x x